Chairperson Chairperson Member Member Lead Director Lead Director
Name Audit Compensation Independent Investment and Finance Nominating and Governance Risk
Eileen A. Mallesch Chairperson Member Member
Kym M. Hubbard Member Member Member
Robert Baker Member Chairperson
David R. Meuse Lead Director Member Member Chairperson
David J. D'Antoni Member Member Member Member
Thomas E. Markert Member Chairperson Member Member
S. Elaine Roberts Member Member Member Member
Michael E. LaRocco Chairman Member
Michael J. Fiorile Chairperson Chairperson

Each of these committees has adopted a charter, and each charter has been ratified by the entire board of directors. The charters are reviewed annually and amendments, if any, are posted to the website.

The board has also adopted Amended and Restated Corporate Governance Guidelines (effective May 12, 2014) and an Amended and Restated Code of Business Conduct (effective November 6, 2015) that applies to all employees and directors, and a special supplement to this code, called the Code of Ethics, as mandated by the Sarbanes-Oxley Act of 2002. The Code of Ethics applies to senior financial officers (as defined in the form) of STFC.

All of the documents referenced above are accessible by clicking on the name of the document. Any shareholder who desires to communicate with a director of State Auto Financial Corporation may send such communication to any or all directors through the Secretary of the Company, Melissa Centers, by e-mail to Ms. Centers at or in writing to Ms. Centers at the home office, 518 East Broad Street, Columbus, Ohio 43215. Please designate whether such communication should be sent to a specific director or to all directors. Ms. Centers is responsible for forwarding such communication to the director or directors so designated by the shareholder.